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Book a Brain

Posted by bronwynr on September 26, 2008

{Via the Ourcommunity newsletter}

A community group in the Queensland coastal hinterland region of Maleny has hit upon a great idea to ensure idle local brains do not go to waste.

The town’s new Book a Brain initiative is designed to ensure community individuals or groups have access to local resource people who can assist them in developing ideas or projects that will benefit the broader community.

Projects might include festivals, awareness
-raising exercises, community care programs, and community sharing programs.

The initiative, which operates out of the Maleny Branch Library, provides a good template for other communities wanting to ensure they are putting local human resources to good use. Organisers say the main components of the Book a Brain initiative are:

 A recognised and legal entity to sponsor the initiative (in their case the Maleny Branch Library);

An advisory group, which is responsible for managing the initiative, carrying out tasks including development of policy, promotion, recruitment of Brains, record -keeping, etc.;

An identified and readily contactable coordinator (in their case, library staff);

Volunteer ‘Brains’ – local residents with knowledge and expertise that they are willing to share;

Project applicants – local residents who want to get access to knowledge and information from a living local source 

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