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ALIA 2009 National Library and Information Technicians Conference

Posted by bronwynr on October 23, 2008

First Announcement and Call for Papers


The 2009 ALIA National Library and Information Technicians Conference will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre 15-18 September 2009.


Using the theme ‘Technology-Technique-Unique’, Adelaide 2009 intends to address issues of

interest and concern to the contemporary Library and Information Services industry.


The organising committee invites you to submit conference papers, tutorials and interactive workshop presentations that fit within the daily themes of Technology, Technique, Unique.


Technology is defined as ‘knowledge and use of the mechanical arts and applied science’.  Within this framework the committee would like to receive papers that discuss various aspects on the use of technology, its benefits and disadvantages, the progress of technology and the resultant winners and losers.  


Technique, defined as ‘mechanical skills in art, skilful manipulation of situations, people or resources’. This is ‘how we do things’, papers addressing issues such as work-life balance, doing more with less, dealing with change or papers addressing new ways of working, problem solving, implementing innovative ideas or new approaches to professional development are sought for this category.


Unique is ‘being the only one of its kind, unusual, remarkable’.  For this theme the committee encourages presenters to let their imagination roam, the field is wide open.  Each one of us has a unique story to tell, if you would like to share, this is your opportunity.  First time presenters are welcome and Team Adelaide 2009 will offer support and direction to help you present your paper in a confident and professional manner.


For full details please visit the Conference Web site at


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