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School Librarians Connect Kids with Galleys

Posted by bronwynr on October 24, 2008


One of library media specialist
Rose Brock’s five student book clubs,
at Coppell Middle School West in
Coppell, Tex.

It’s a win-win situation: publishers get middle-grade and young adult galleys into the hands of middle-school librarians, who share them with students in hopes of fueling their interest in reading. The kids’ enthusiasm for a title then creates in-school, pre-pub buzz about the book that can, in some cases, have a positive effect on sales. It’s a chain reaction that is beneficial to all concerned—and one that appears to be happening with increasing frequency. 

Getting publishers and librarians connected is a two-way street. Publishing staffers arrive at ALA conventions and educational conferences laden with ARCs of upcoming releases, which school librarians happily lug home. Librarians also reach out to publishers, requesting ARCs or galleys of forthcoming titles after scouring catalogues, or ask to be placed on mailing lists to receive galleys.

And school librarians are starting to use ARCs in creative ways.   


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