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Librarian, Library and Catalog Tweets Revealed!

Posted by bronwynr on November 27, 2008


I’m always on the lookout for innovative uses of social tools in libraries. This weekend I got an email from John Wohlers, Library Technology Assistant, Waubonsee Community College, detailing his experiences using Twitter at his library.  John writes:
I thought you might like to know yesterday at the request of one of our librarians, I added a link to his twitter account on our library’s staff information page.  Nothing big there of course… But then I decided that just the link was a big boring

more …


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Summer Reading Club

Posted by bronwynr on November 26, 2008

Only 10 more sleeps to go!

The official Summer Reading Club website is now off and racing! So get a head start and let your games begin!

 Librarians! Kick-start your perfect Summer Reading Club season and register your library now! Simply head to the ‘Grown-ups’ page on the website and click on Register now! to complete the online registration form. Parents from all over Australia will see your library listed on the Summer Reading Club Participants Page.

The website has gone into overtime with all-star resources, templates, images and logos to coach players through their creating hurdles.

 Kids can get on the winning team too! The 2009 website has a golden set of activities for kids and an age appropriate snap shot of fantastic book titles located in the Kids only section of the website!

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Authors fight to preserve school library

Posted by bronwynr on November 23, 2008

Philip Pullman tells head her comprehensive will be a ‘byword for ignorance’ if closure goes ahead

Philip Pullman, the bestselling author, has warned a school that it will become a ‘byword for philistinism and ignorance’ if it goes ahead with the closure of its library.


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Call for papers – IFLA – Creating a Positive Work Environment for a Multi-generational Library and Information Workforce

Posted by bronwynr on November 22, 2008

Call for PapersContinuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and New Professionals Discussion Group present:

Creating a Positive Work Environment for a Multi-generational Library and Information Workforce

The IFLA Continuing Professional Development & Workplace Learning Section (CPDWL) and the New Professionals Discussion Group (NPDG) are facilitating this program session at the next IFLA World Library & Information Congress (23-27 August 2009, Milan, Italy)

This program session will focus on the generational challenges facing the library and information profession. These include attracting and retaining new professionals, developing leaders, managing across the generations, knowledge sharing and succession planning.

The session will include reports from the IFLA satellite conference organised by CPDWL and NPDG: “Moving In, Moving Up, and Moving On: Strategies for Regenerating the Library and Information Profession” (18-20 August 2009, Bologna, Italy)

The IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section and New Professionals Discussion Group is now seeking proposals from others to present as part of the program.

We are particularly interested in proposals which explore these topics:

What are the challenges involved in creating a positive work environment for a multi-generational workforce, and how best can we meet those challenges?

Do our organizational structures provide the best development opportunities for both new and existing professionals? If not, can we change them – and how?

Those interested in contributing to this program session should not be limited by those questions.  Any proposal which addresses the broad themes of this program session is of interest and will be considered.

Important Dates and Timelines

Please e-mail proposals by December 15, 2008 to and

Proposals should include:
a) Title of proposed presentation
b) Outline of the proposed presentation (no more than 300 words)
c) Name(s) of presenter(s)
d) Position or title of presenter(s)
e) Presenter(s) employer or affiliated institution
f) E-mail address
g) Telephone/fax numbers
h) Short biographical statement regarding the presenter/s

All proposers will be advised at the end of February 2009 of the outcome of the review and selection of proposals.

The presenters selected for the program at the Milan conference will be asked to submit a formal paper (for inclusion on the IFLA conference website) no later than May 1, 2009. Papers can be submitted in one of the official IFLA working languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

The language of the session is English however presenters may also give their talk in any of the IFLA working languages. Simultaneous translation is not guaranteed.

(Note: All expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters.  No financial support can be provided by IFLA, but a special invitation can be issued to authors/presenters if that is required.)

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Are library skills applicable to other jobs?

Posted by bronwynr on November 21, 2008

Are library skills applicable to other jobs?

Here’s a Top 10 list of transferable abilities, such as lion taming …

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Loan yourself out to The Librarians!

Posted by bronwynr on November 21, 2008

ALIA and Gristmill Productions are giving the exclusive opportunity for two* ALIA members to be an extra on the set of The Librarians 2!

 The new series of The Librarians is about to begin production and will be screened on ABC next year. You have a chance to join Frances Middleton and her staff on the set, meet the writers and the production team – and be a real (ALIA) star!

However….. you will have to prove your star quality to earn your place. The Middleton Interactive Learning Centre, the set for the second series, will again feature a wall of quotable quotes from ‘famous’ people. You will need to think of your own quirky quote to be in the draw. Your quote should be no more than 25 words, it must be all your own work and you will need to attribute an equally fictitious (but possibly nearly familiar-sounding) author name

Be creative, be funny, be witty, be Zen. But be original!

Competition closes: 5:00pm, 6th December 2008.

Three places in total have been reserved for ALIA members. One place has been set aside for ALIA members who attend NLS4
Full Terms and Conditions are available on the website

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The Transparent Library: Six Signposts on the Way

Posted by bronwynr on November 18, 2008

By Michael Casey & Michael Stephens

We recently presented a workshop in London at Internet Librarian International, based on our writings here, and realized that throughout the columns we’ve identified a set of mile markers for the journey toward transparency.

Give everyone an avenue to talk. Offer online and real-world mechanisms for all of the library’s stakeholders, staff and users, to talk, react, and suggest solutions. A good start is a suggestion box and a way to share the answers with everyone. Add an online forum or blog and “town hall meetings,” and the stage is set.  (continues)

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Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution

Posted by bronwynr on November 16, 2008

School libraries need a revolution, not evolution
By David Loertscher
One of the biggest business battles of our time is between Microsoft and Google. The two have very different business models. Microsoft believes that if they build it, we will come—and buy their product. Google’s approach is different: if they build it, we will integrate it into our lives. We use Microsoft products on their terms, but we use Google products—from iGoogle to GoogleDocs—on our terms, to construct whatever we want.

What does this have to do with school libraries? A lot.

School libraries are like Microsoft (without the revenue, of course). We’ve created and invested in library media centers—and, in recent years, their Web sites—with the expectation that our students will come to these places.

Sorry folks, but the old paradigm is broken. It’s time to become part of the Google generation.

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Briet’s Antelope

Posted by bronwynr on November 14, 2008

by Frank Exner, Little Bear
The story of Antelope teaches about reality-based information and the difference between things in nature and documents (including how natural objects become documents).

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Teens Help Convince MA Voters to Save Libraries

Posted by bronwynr on November 7, 2008

 A bunch of teens from Milford, MA, may have been too young to vote in Tuesday’s election, but their efforts to save their state’s public libraries have paid off big-time.

These teens and other library supporters around the state embarked on a massive campaign to get voters to reject a ballot proposal—and it worked. Some 70 percent of Massachusetts residents shot down a referendum to eliminate the state income tax, a move that would have had dire consequences for public libraries. more » » » 

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