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Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution

Posted by bronwynr on November 16, 2008

School libraries need a revolution, not evolution
By David Loertscher
One of the biggest business battles of our time is between Microsoft and Google. The two have very different business models. Microsoft believes that if they build it, we will come—and buy their product. Google’s approach is different: if they build it, we will integrate it into our lives. We use Microsoft products on their terms, but we use Google products—from iGoogle to GoogleDocs—on our terms, to construct whatever we want.

What does this have to do with school libraries? A lot.

School libraries are like Microsoft (without the revenue, of course). We’ve created and invested in library media centers—and, in recent years, their Web sites—with the expectation that our students will come to these places.

Sorry folks, but the old paradigm is broken. It’s time to become part of the Google generation.


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