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The Library and Information Science Education 2.0 blog is now live!

Posted by bronwynr on April 5, 2009

Funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, and lead by Associate Professor Helen Partridge of the Queensland University of Technology, this project is investigating the specific skills and knowledge required of us, as LIS professionals, as we move into the web 2.0 age.  The project is also exploring the way in which Australia’s LIS education is best able to equip future LIS professionals with these changing skills and knowledge.
This project needs you! All LIS professionals from across Australia are invited to become involved in the project.
Whether you are involved in public, special, academic, or one-person libraries, or in a completely different type of organisation, whether you are current or future professionals or educators, or simply someone with a legitimate interest in the area – we would like to welcome you to visit our blog.
There you will be able to find out more about the project, access interesting resources, and most of all join in the discussion of this important issue!
This is your chance, as members of the Australian LIS community, to contribute your own ideas and opinions on an issue that is sure to affect every one of us, as we continue to incorporate collaborative online technologies into our libraries and workplaces. We have even set up a special page to inspire you and get the discussion started.
So please take the time to use the blog to share your own views with others as to the skills and knowledge we will require as we evolve into so-called ‘web 2.0 professionals’.
Remember also to check back regularly as the blog will be continually added to.
You will find the blog at – we hope to see you there soon!
Want to know more? Please contact Helen Partridge at

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